Love vs. Design

I had a chance to catch up with the Love vs. Design crew earlier in the week. They moved into a new space in downtown LBC. Needless to say they are killing it! I really didn’t take any photos, or good ones anyway… But it’s an awesome office filled with amazingly talented people! Check em out I had the opportunity to collaborate with them on a project, check Clean Slate!


Xgames are back in LA this weekend. Which means a bunch of old friends will be lurking around town til Monday. Might have swing out to downtown and say hello. Might even be able to pick up a little work! Haha. It all kicks off tonight! Big thanks to my friends at NoHo and Young&Reckless for the passes!!


CS 6!

Huge ups to CK at adobe!!! I feel very special. Can’t wait to upgrade!! Then don’t bother me for the next month. Haha


Fancy Coffee

There is a bomb spot down the street from my place that serves up some of the best hot business in town. It’s called the Fennel Mill on Broadway and 10th. All be it it’s a 4 dollar coffee, but well worth it! Check the technique…